2022 Camp Photo Gallery!

2022 Camp Photo Gallery!

Our campers carefully examined the clues from God’s Word, and solved every mystery we could throw at them – Sgt. Joe Thursday declares this case to be officially CLOSED! We sure had a great time, aside from a skinned knee or two, and look forward to seeing everyone next year (and maybe some new campers, too!). Tap through to examine our case documentation and see how much fun (and learning) we had!

2022 Camp Rise and Shine – Boy’s Week


2022 Camp Rise and Shine – Girl’s Week

Bonus Photos & Videos!

CRS News Flash




Camp Rise and Shine 2022 was made possible by large servings of Aunt Betty’s Doh!nut Delights and Jailhouse Blend Coffee – “It’s Rocket Fuel that Kicks Like a Mule!”


Solo Deo Gloria!

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